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Imam Mohamad Joban is the imam at the Islamic Center of Redmond. He has been there for three years, and served as an imam in Olympia for 17 years. He also formerly worked as a Muslim chaplain for the Department of Corrections in Monroe for 14 years. He received degrees in Theology and Islamic Call and Culture from Al-Azhar University in Cairo and his masters from the Institute of Islamic Studies, also in Cairo.

Resid­ing in Red­mond with his wife and twins, he is also the cur­rent pres­i­dent of the Imam Fatwa Com­mit­tee in Wash­ing­ton State, an instruc­tor of Inter­net Islamic Uni­ver­sity, as well as the Mus­lim chap­lain for the Depart­ment of Cor­rec­tions in Wash­ing­ton. Before com­ing to Red­mond, he was a full time imam of the Islamic Cen­ter of Olympia. He has a BA in Ara­bic from the Islamic Uni­ver­sity in Jakarta, Indone­sia and a BA in The­ol­ogy, Islamic Call and Cul­ture and an MA in Islamic Stud­ies from the pres­ti­gious Uni­ver­sity of Al-Azhar in Cairo.

Imam Joban earned his master’s degree in Islamic studies in Cairo, Egypt, and intended to travel to Chicago to earn his doctorate and learn about Islam in the West. At first, Joban moved in with members of the mosque.Then, they provided him with space that served as his living quarters and their mosque.He traveled to Egypt to bring his wife to the United States.Soon, he served as the Muslim chaplain for local prisons. “The responsibilities grew bigger and bigger,” he said. In 1997, Joban moved to the newly built mosque in the current neighborhood.He leads the daily prayers and teaches Islam to the neighborhood’s children and teenagers. Joban also advises Muslims from the greater community, which is how he met Yee.Yee’s wife, Huda, and his preschool daughter still attend the mosque. Efforts are under way to build a new mosque, with groundbreaking possible this year, Joban said. Fourteen years after he arrived for a temporary stint, Joban is still here, but he says he still intends to finish his doctorate eventually.

Imam Mohammad Joban regularly gives tafseer classes at the Jamiul Muslimoon Mosque (Cham masjid) on Saturdays.These one-hour tafseer classes, beginning with Al-Fatihah, has always had a packed attendance. He has a humorous approach to tafseer and so you will often hear attendees laughing in the recorded sessions.

Imam Joban, who has a M.S. in Usul ul-Deen (Fundamentals of Religion) from Al-Azhar University in Egypt, follows the traditional rule-based approach of tafseer:
Explain one Qur,anic verse with other Qur,anic versesExplain the verse with hadith (traditions of the prophet)